We provide cables with passion for the audio market
Handcrafted by custom design built to order

With our handmade audio cables we assist your listening experience to the next level.
All our hand-soldered quality cables are made with passion and tested before delivery.

We manufacture according to your wishes and requirements. Tell us what you need.

Professional Studio and Hi-Fi

We call this market, Pro Fidelity and the cables are manufactured with selective parts available on the market. But always using high quality components.
Normally we burn in these cables as well, for better performence (value for money).

Very High End Audio

For more demanding customers like audiophiles, where we mostly manufacture with our own propretery cable designs (NovaSonic) and using some more exclusive parts. We often make small tweaks.
All these cables are burned in using our service Burn-In-Treatment (BIT). No extra cost!
We call this submarket, Ultra Fidelity.

Philosophy rules

Our philosophy is to manufacture cables of very high quality for 24/7 use for many years but at sensible prices. No snake oil.
We listen a lot to our developed cables. Transparency is the watchword. Of course, we also measure certain parameters, but listening must rule.

Important summary

Regardless of which level of cable you choose;


High End Audio & Studio Pro Cables
by Lukase AB
Made in Gotland – Sweden